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Jonathan Christopher and this Website

My name is Jonathan Christopher and I am the sole author and operator of this website. I co-own Iron to Iron with a great business partner and friend, Kevin Richardson. He tackles all the design and I handle all of the development. We build completely custom websites powered by WordPress.

I also have a number of additional projects aside from Monday By Noon:

Along with these projects I have also written and maintain a number of free and open source WordPress plugins:

WordPress is a big part of my development life and I spend a lot of time working both with and on it. I’m thankful for the project in countless ways, the least of which being the foundational platform for my company.

About the site (Monday By Noon?)

Monday By Noon first came to be in February 2006. I was a senior in college, head over heels for Web development and I wanted to find a way to get involved in the community. There were (are) so many fantastic designers and developers constantly offering their knowledge to the world via their websites, and I wanted to see if I could do the same.

I’ve got what those close to me refer to as a procrastination issue. I’m not ashamed of it per se, but with this project I didn’t want it to have any adverse effects from that tendency of mine. At the end of the day, I thought it best to name the entire project after a posting schedule. I do my very best to publish a new article every Monday By Noon.

While I was successful through the first few years of publishing, that schedule became more difficult to stick with. Getting married, starting a company, and having children all quickly made it nearly impossible to continue publishing articles of length each week without sacrificing originality or quality. Instead of publishing for the sake of publishing, I decided to keep the name but let go of the schedule. The original idea is something I’ll continue to remember every time I log in to publish.

Technical details

This site runs on a VPS I manage from Digital Ocean which I like very much. Naturally WordPress is the CMS.

Other Notes

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