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Using a MacBook Air for Web Development

Published 6 years 11 months ago on July 12, 2011

I’ve been meaning to write this article for the past eight months, but simply haven’t had the chance. With the imminent MacBook Air refresh I thought it timely to take a few minutes to document my MacBook Air experience thus far. My Mac history I’ve owned four Macs to date. The first was a Black […]

New Mobile Safari stuff in iOS5

Published 7 years 1 week ago on June 7, 2011

New Mobile Safari stuff in iOS5: position:fixed, overflow:scroll, new input type support, web workers, ECMAScript 5 | David B. Calhoun – Developer Blog. All of you (us) Apple fans were super excited about the software that got announced yesterday, but a perhaps bigger issue to keep in mind is: how is this going to effect […]

Thoughts on Flash

Published 8 years 1 month ago on April 29, 2010

Today Mr. Steve Jobs published a lengthy piece titled Thoughts on Flash throughout which he explains Apple’s position on Flash and the reasons behind its absence on the best devices ever invented. I wanted to jot down some of our thoughts on Adobe’s Flash products so that customers and critics may better understand why we […]

Books in the Age of the iPad

Published 8 years 3 months ago on March 6, 2010

Although not a device I’ll likely be picking up on launch day, the iPad seems to be taking hold as the device it was intended to be. I’ll be honest; my initial reaction to the iPad was a generic lack of surprise. Aside from the wild speculation taking place, I was nearly convinced it’d be […]

Silverback: Making Usability Testing That Much Cooler

Published 9 years 10 months ago on July 28, 2008

Silverback is usability testing software from the group at Clearleft. Here are my initial thoughts on the application itself.

I’ve Switched from Linux and Settled on OS X

Published 10 years 6 months ago on November 26, 2007

Two of the more popular articles I’ve ever posted to this site are Linux and Web Development Intro and Linux and Web Development Part 2. In each piece, I documented my transition from using Windows my entire life to working with Linux (Ubuntu particularly). I first began working with Linux at home, I came to […]

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