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WordPress Custom Post Types & PHPurchase: Best Cart Ever – Part 2

Published 7 years 10 months ago on August 9, 2010

After discussing the benefits of using WordPress 3.0+, Custom Post Types, and PHPurchase over other available e-commerce solutions, this article will walk you through the installation of PHPurchase and integration with Custom Post Types for your product listings.

Is it Now Acceptable to Require JavaScript?

Published 7 years 11 months ago on June 21, 2010

It’s not a new trend, but it’s something I see more and more with bigger companies who pride themselves on building (upon) standards based, open platforms. Is it becoming increasingly acceptable to build Web applications that require JavaScript?

Building a Store Locator with WordPress and Pods

Published 8 years 3 months ago on February 22, 2010

I’ve always been curious about adding a location based proximity search powered by ZIP code and desired radius. It’s actually quite easy to do using WordPress, Pods, and some crazy MySQL queries. This walkthrough shows you how to add a PHP/MySQL based store finder powered by WordPress and Pods.

We’re Ready for CSS3, but are we Ready for CSS3?

Published 8 years 4 months ago on February 8, 2010

We’re all smitten with CSS3. It’s reinvigorated that sense of newness that CSS and Web Standards brought our way just a few years ago. We’re able to more easily replicate the set of design standards that has become nearly universal much faster than before with just a few CSS declarations. There are a number of CSS3 rules I’d be writing for each and every project, but I’m just not sure it’s as ready for prime time as many designers are making it out to be.

An Overview of and Introduction to Pods CMS for WordPress

Published 8 years 5 months ago on January 4, 2010

Pods is a fantastic plugin for WordPress that helps you bring content management to the next level on your favorite platform. If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I talk about Pods a lot. It’s time that I showed you what I’ve learned so far in hopes that it helps you get up and running with Pods as well.

The Underlying Meaning of Content Management Systems

Published 8 years 6 months ago on November 23, 2009

WordPress recently came under fire regarding its presence as a CMS

Inspiration is Something to Have and to Hold

Published 8 years 6 months ago on November 16, 2009

Inspiration is very important to Web designers, it’s important to cultivate and care for it.

The Trouble with Lightbox (and its Variants)

Published 8 years 7 months ago on October 12, 2009

Lightbox is a great image display technique for the modern Web, just be sure it’s still usable!

How to Handle IE6: Aggressive Graceful Degradation

Published 8 years 8 months ago on September 21, 2009

I’d like to propose an Internet Explorer contract addendum in which we notify clients that their project will gracefully degrade for IE.

The Art of zen-coding: Bringing Snippets to a New Level

Published 8 years 9 months ago on August 17, 2009

zen-coding is a new plugin for Web designers and developers, letting them write their code at high speed.

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