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WordPress 3 for Business Bloggers Book Review & Giveaway

Published 6 years 3 months ago on February 20, 2012

I’ve been playing catch-up on the stack of books I’ve been meaning to read, and I’ve just completed reading WordPress 3 for Business Bloggers by Paul Thewlis. It might not seem like a title that would jump off the shelf for you or I, but I was intrigued by the title for the sake of my clients.

WordPress 3 Ultimate Security Book Review

Published 6 years 4 months ago on January 30, 2012

I recently read WordPress 3 Ultimate Security by Olly Connelly and I’m impressed. At nearly 400 pages, the book is overflowing with lots of information on an unwieldy subject that (rightly) keeps some people away from unmanaged hosting. If you’re interested in keeping your WordPress sites as secure as possible, this book might be for you.

Book Review: Internet Marketing with WordPress

Published 6 years 5 months ago on December 31, 2011

I’ve just finished reading Internet Marketing with WordPress by David Mercer. The book, like a number of Packt books I’ve read lately, takes a more abstract approach to its title. The majority of the information is useful aside from the niche (in this case, WordPress) and only becomes restricted to it periodically.

HTML5 for Web Designers Book Review and Giveaway

Published 7 years 10 months ago on August 2, 2010

There are lots of new and exciting things that get talked about each and every day in Web design. That’s one of the most gravitational aspects of the industry, without a doubt. By far, if I had to pick one thing out for 2010 it’d have to be HTML5.

Book Review and Giveaway: Content Strategy for the Web

Published 8 years 3 months ago on March 1, 2010

Content Strategy on the Web is a great book focusing on a new topic that will, in my opinion, be essential in raising the bar in Web design. Content strategy is something that should set the groundwork, carry it through fruition, and continue through the life of any project.

jQuery Enlightenment by Cody Lindley Book Review

Published 8 years 4 months ago on February 1, 2010

jQuery Enlightenment by Cody Lindley reinvigorated my enthusiasm for technical references. If you’re at all interested in learning more about jQuery, or you just want an excellent reference on hand, jQuery Enlightenment is it!

Ext JS 3.0 Cookbook Book Review

Published 8 years 4 months ago on January 18, 2010

Ext JS 3.0 Cookbook is a resource full of recipes focused on the popular Ext JS JavaScript library. While not for those new to Ext JS, it’s a great addition to the library of anyone looking to better their Ext JS skills using this handy reference.

Flexible Web Design Book Review

Published 8 years 6 months ago on December 7, 2009

Flexible Web Design by Zoe Mickley Gillenwater is a book on modern Web design focusing on liquid and elastic CSS layouts.

How I Use OmniFocus to Help Get Things Done

Published 9 years 4 months ago on February 2, 2009

OmniFocus is a very useful personal productivity application I use to help me manage my tasks both personally and professionally.

Learning Ext JS Book Review

Published 9 years 4 months ago on January 19, 2009

Learning Ext JS is a book covering the Ext JavaScript framework. It’s a great book if you’re familiar with DOM scripting already and are looking to build Web applications aimed at mimicking desktop apps.

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