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WordPress 3 Search Engine Optimization Book Review and Giveaway

Published 6 years 10 months ago on July 18, 2011

WordPress does a great job at facilitating SEO, but you still need a strategy should it be an arena of focus. I’ve just finished reading WordPress 3 Search Engine Optimization by Michael David and not only will it either refresh your memory or teach you a few things, it acts as a great guide for sharing knowledge with your clients.

WordPress Archive Pages Based on Custom Taxonomy

Published 7 years 9 months ago on September 6, 2010

Customizing and segmenting Custom Taxonomy archive pages can be a bit difficult until you determine what exactly is going on under the hood and implementing from there. Custom Taxonomies in WordPress are a very powerful feature, let’s figure out how to make some nice looking archive pages for them.

Building Functional Alt Sites using SWFAddress

Published 9 years 4 weeks ago on May 18, 2009

When developing a full Flash website, it is very important to provide an effective alternate site for viewing. SWFAddress helps extensively with exactly that.

Link Text: Where Does it Come From?

Published 9 years 8 months ago on September 29, 2008

Link text can have a great effect on the overall effectiveness of any link. Take into consideration both usability and SEO when writing your link text.

The Many Faces of the link Tag

Published 11 years 7 months ago on October 30, 2006

The link can be used for much more than linking external stylesheets. Not only can browsers take advantage of the tag, it can help out with SEO too.

Don’t Neglect the title Attribute

Published 12 years 2 months ago on April 10, 2006

If it is one thing that I find myself forgetting when initially marking up a document, it is to make effective use of the title attribute in anchors. I think the title attribute is one of those things that gets pushed aside due to the fact that it is seen as tedious by some. I […]

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