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CSS3 Buttons with Gradient Stroke

Published 3 years 4 weeks ago on April 25, 2014

I style a lot of buttons, but a classic treatment I find myself needing to implement is one with a gradient background and subtle gradient stroke along the edges. Over time my solutions began with multiple elements and specific CSS for each. It got the job done but it was clearly bloated. CSS3 changes so […]

Semi-Protected Download URLs in WordPress via Transients, Cookies, and Pods

Published 5 years 1 month ago on April 16, 2012

I continue to further utilize WordPress as a project framework with every project. I recently implemented a walled garden of content that contained a downloads section that got me thinking about how I could up the ante a bit and make those downloads semi-protected without becoming too invasive.

Front-end Job Interview Questions

Published 5 years 3 months ago on February 20, 2012

Front-end Job Interview Questions. I like posts like this not because I plan on putting myself in a position of hiring people any time soon, but to keep myself in check. This is a good list to sift through and see which areas of yours are weak. Make a conscious effort to tackle those issues […]

5 years away from programming, boy have things changed

Published 5 years 3 months ago on February 20, 2012

5 years away from programming, boy have things changed – Danny Does. This article really strikes a chord with me. I have a love/hate relationship with staying up to date and current. On one hand you’re spending very valuable time simply tinkering around, researching, and reading about things that may not in fact be useful […]

A 1000-Hour Head Start: Introducing The _s Theme

Published 5 years 3 months ago on February 19, 2012

A 1000-Hour Head Start: Introducing The _s Theme | ThemeShaper. This is quite a nice big deal, a brand new WordPress theme framework for your perusal and use. Theme frameworks are a great way to get a leg up on building custom WordPress sites, they can save a ton of time. It’s still important though, […]

Welcome YSlow Open Source

Published 5 years 3 months ago on February 19, 2012

Welcome YSlow Open Source ยท YDN Blog. I’m a big fan of open source software, so to see Yahoo! open sourcing a tool like YSlow is awesome. If you’re not familiar, YSlow is: YSlow analyzes web pages and suggests ways to improve their performance based on a set of rules for high performance web pages. […]

SQL Fiddle

Published 5 years 3 months ago on February 2, 2012

SQL Fiddle. This is a neat resource that could fit well among your bookmarks. A standalone Web app that lets you tinker around with SQL on the fly with no setup friction. It follows in the footsteps of one of the most useful code-sharing-for-the-purpose-of-debugging ideas I’ve ever seen, the original jsfiddle with the purpose of […]

Bootstrap 2.0

Published 5 years 3 months ago on February 1, 2012

Bootstrap, from Twitter. Bootstrap 2.0 is here, and it’s beyond impressive. I don’t talk much about frameworks, especially frameworks involving CSS, but the purpose of Bootstrap isn’t really a springboard for your latest client project, it’s a springboard for your project and I love that. Version 2.0 blew me away with coverage and implementation. I’m […]

Published 5 years 3 months ago on January 26, 2012 Database schema design is a talent to me. I’ve designed some pretty awful databases in my time, but I think a tool like this could have helped with that. dbdsgnr is an HTML 5 Web app that lets you visually build out your database schema. Once you’re done, the app will spit out the […]

Improving Your Process: Automated Regression Testing with

Published 5 years 5 months ago on December 5, 2011

As I’m writing more advanced software, I’m more consistently reflecting on the importance of testing. Specifically automated testing. Humans are far too likely to get lazy and cut corners, and testing is the worst time for that to happen. I’ve been thinking a lot about regression testing lately and how to implement it in my workflow. I thought about writing my own suite, but quickly remembered that it had already been done.

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