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Cross-browser kerning-pairs & ligatures

Published 7 years 7 months ago on June 29, 2010

Cross-browser kerning-pairs & ligatures. This is honestly a thing of beauty. Supported currently by Safari, WebKit Nightlies, Chrom, and even Firefox by default, text-rendering:optimizeLegibility automagically handles kerning pairs and ligatures. How sweet is that?!

Typekit and Google Announce Open Source Collaboration

Published 7 years 8 months ago on May 19, 2010

Typekit and Google Announce Open Source Collaboration « The Typekit Blog. I think this is great. Typekit is really making an impact with the service provided, and Google hopping on board is a really great thing for the both of them… and all of us. We’re happy to announce that we’ve teamed up with Google […]

Handcrafted CSS Book Review (Video Edition) and Giveaway

Published 8 years 5 months ago on August 30, 2009

Dan Cederholm of SimpleBits recently published his latest book, Handcrafted CSS, which also includes a companion DVD starring Dan himself.

Will Page Zoom Prove Relative Units Less Useful?

Published 9 years 10 months ago on March 31, 2008

With browser manufacturers beginning to default to page zoom, will relative units be phased out?

Web Standards Creativity Book Review

Published 10 years 2 months ago on November 5, 2007

Web Standards Creativity is a great book put together by 10 of the most known Web designers and developers in the industry.

Current Events: Accessibility Importance and Downloadable Fonts

Published 10 years 3 months ago on October 8, 2007

A recent legal settlement against Target legally requires the corporation to have an accessible website. This is great news! The latest nightly builds of WebKit now support the @font-face CSS rule; an interesting update to a very popular rendering engine.

Typography in Headings: sIFR? Image Replacement?

Published 10 years 8 months ago on May 28, 2007

While sIFR has garnered quite a bit of attention and support, I have yet to see it implemented all that often. Is CSS based image replacement preferred?

Thinking with Type Book Review

Published 10 years 9 months ago on April 16, 2007

Effectively working with type is a craft in and of itself. Having the ability to use typography to solidify a design is something I hold in high regard as an admirable talent. There is a rich history behind the art of type and Thinking with Type by Ellen Lupton goes to great lengths to describe much of that history.

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