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Cross-browser kerning-pairs & ligatures

Published 7 years 11 months ago on June 29, 2010

Cross-browser kerning-pairs & ligatures. This is honestly a thing of beauty. Supported currently by Safari, WebKit Nightlies, Chrom, and even Firefox by default, text-rendering:optimizeLegibility automagically handles kerning pairs and ligatures. How sweet is that?!

Typekit and Google Announce Open Source Collaboration

Published 8 years 1 month ago on May 19, 2010

Typekit and Google Announce Open Source Collaboration « The Typekit Blog. I think this is great. Typekit is really making an impact with the service provided, and Google hopping on board is a really great thing for the both of them… and all of us. We’re happy to announce that we’ve teamed up with Google […]

Handcrafted CSS Book Review (Video Edition) and Giveaway

Published 8 years 9 months ago on August 30, 2009

Dan Cederholm of SimpleBits recently published his latest book, Handcrafted CSS, which also includes a companion DVD starring Dan himself.

Will Page Zoom Prove Relative Units Less Useful?

Published 10 years 2 months ago on March 31, 2008

With browser manufacturers beginning to default to page zoom, will relative units be phased out?

Web Standards Creativity Book Review

Published 10 years 7 months ago on November 5, 2007

Web Standards Creativity is a great book put together by 10 of the most known Web designers and developers in the industry.

Current Events: Accessibility Importance and Downloadable Fonts

Published 10 years 8 months ago on October 8, 2007

A recent legal settlement against Target legally requires the corporation to have an accessible website. This is great news! The latest nightly builds of WebKit now support the @font-face CSS rule; an interesting update to a very popular rendering engine.

Typography in Headings: sIFR? Image Replacement?

Published 11 years 3 weeks ago on May 28, 2007

While sIFR has garnered quite a bit of attention and support, I have yet to see it implemented all that often. Is CSS based image replacement preferred?

Thinking with Type Book Review

Published 11 years 2 months ago on April 16, 2007

Effectively working with type is a craft in and of itself. Having the ability to use typography to solidify a design is something I hold in high regard as an admirable talent. There is a rich history behind the art of type and Thinking with Type by Ellen Lupton goes to great lengths to describe much of that history.

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