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On Suckerfishes and User Experience

Published 8 years 2 days ago on June 14, 2010

I wasn’t even front ending a site when I started thinking about Suckerfish Dropdowns, but once I started I couldn’t stop. Where the heck did they come from? Are they really something we should be consciously implementing in modern Web design?

Making your Pods Input Helpers a Bit More Helpful

Published 8 years 1 month ago on May 10, 2010

Input Helpers in Pods really enhance the usability of Pods in WordPress. They work to modify data represented to the user in such a way to make it more useful or more valuable. I think that’s an important factor to take into account when setting up a Pods powered WordPress site for your clients.

The Trouble with Lightbox (and its Variants)

Published 8 years 7 months ago on October 12, 2009

Lightbox is a great image display technique for the modern Web, just be sure it’s still usable!

Link Text: Where Does it Come From?

Published 9 years 8 months ago on September 29, 2008

Link text can have a great effect on the overall effectiveness of any link. Take into consideration both usability and SEO when writing your link text.

Silverback: Making Usability Testing That Much Cooler

Published 9 years 10 months ago on July 28, 2008

Silverback is usability testing software from the group at Clearleft. Here are my initial thoughts on the application itself.

Can we do Better than Dropdowns? Is there even a Problem?

Published 10 years 7 months ago on October 29, 2007

Are dropdown navigations on websites a usability nightmare? Is there a better way to implement a comprehensive site navigation?

Selects, JavaScript, and Usability: Please help.

Published 10 years 8 months ago on October 1, 2007

Driver download interfaces drive me nuts. Attaching JavaScript functions to selects, in my opinion, is just plain wrong from a usability standpoint. How can we better improve this implementation that still finds its way to the Internet, on the largest of corporate websites?

Designing the Obvious – Book Review

Published 10 years 10 months ago on August 6, 2007

Designing the Obvious can be put in same ring as the excellent resource Don’t Make Me Think: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability by Steve Krug, Defensive Design for the Web by Matthew Linderman with Jason Fried, as well as Prioritizing Web Usability by Jakob Nielsen and Hoa Loranger.

When Readers Choose to Use Their Own Style

Published 11 years 2 months ago on March 26, 2007

User style sheets can sometimes interfere with author CSS. Most commonly, users don’t create their own style sheet due to the requirement of a working CSS knowledge. Automated scripts adding custom style sheets for users changes things up a bit, however.

Source Order Can Create Usability Disasters

Published 11 years 4 months ago on February 12, 2007

Source order is often overlooked, but can have disastrous effects on usability.

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