Attachments UI

Published 4 years 2 months ago on September 23, 2013

While Attachments was intentionally designed to be code-focused, you might prefer a UI for managing your Instances. Attachments UI does not integrate Attachments into your theme directly, but it does give you a nice and easy way to create and maintain your Instances:


Attachments Instances can be fully managed with Attachments UI. Additional features include:

  • Auto-append: Attachments UI allows you to automatically append Attachments content to the_content() by way of an easy to understand template system as displayed in the screenshot.
  • Code sample: A code sample is always readily available as you build/maintain your Instances. Using the code sample you can easily customize your theme template using method calls custom tailored to your Instance.



Fixed an issue where custom instance names were not properly saved
Fixed an issue where limiting by term was not applied in WordPress 3.8
Fixed an issue where certain location rules were not accurately applied
Initial release

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