International Blue Beanie Day in Support of Web Standards

Published 4 years 4 months ago on November 30, 2009 — 1 min read

It’s all about standards. I think in this time of better and faster browsers a significant portion may be forgetting the roots from which it’s all possible. The 3rd annual IBBDiSoWS otherwise known as International Blue Beanie Day in Support of Web Standards is upon us!

International Blue Beanie Day has one purpose; spread the word about Web Standards. The Web Standards community continues to thrive. It’s a bar to which every browser is compared, and a bar some browsers are still stretching to grace with a fingertip.

Show your support

Mr. Zeldman has made it extremely easy for us to voice our support for IBBDiSoWS. Just don the Blue Beanie and plaster your mug everywhere possible. When people ask what the heck you’re doing, shoot them the link. That’s it!

Go ahead and add yourself to the Flickr pool, read a bit more about it on Facebook, and spread the word about Web Standards!

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Published November 30th, 2009

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