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How to do a Product Critique

Published 2 years 10 months ago on July 16, 2015

This article uses the word ‘app’ a lot but I think it can be generalized into many things, even WordPress plugins. I think the article does a great job of explaining the marketing process for a digital product. There is so much that goes into the process of figuring out your user base and trying […]

One Question That Will Reveal What Kind Of Coder You Are

Published 2 years 11 months ago on July 16, 2015

Is software development more like building a bridge or is it more like painting a painting? I hadn’t heard this question personally before, but honestly I think it’s a mix of the two. Programming is definitely an (abstract) art form in my opinion. There’s so much to the expression of how code could work, and […]

6 Essential Principles Of Designing a High Converting Site Search Experience

Published 3 years 1 month ago on May 1, 2015

It’s no secret that I strongly believe in a powerful on-site search. I was thrilled to see this article outline some really great implementations of on-site search, but one specific bit stuck out to me: A couple weeks ago, we dug into internal site search & found that in some cases, searches performed by only […]

Collapsing Margins

Published 3 years 1 month ago on May 1, 2015

I’d classify collapsible margins as something that might go under the radar of front end developers depending on how they were introduced to margins and padding in the first place. Personally I didn’t catch on to collapsible margins until well after I picked up CSS. In fact at first I thought it was an issue […]

Let’s Kill the Billable Hour

Published 3 years 7 months ago on November 14, 2014

This was a great talk. It covers the history of the billable hour and thanks to the title I won’t be spoiling the outcome when I agree that project/value based pricing is better for us as designers and developers, and it’s better for our clients as well. We need to have a discussion about how […]

User Onboarding

Published 3 years 10 months ago on August 15, 2014

This is a killer idea. User Onboarding is: A frequently-updated compendium of web app first-run experiences You can sift through a number of onboarding experiences with some commentary which can act as both education and inspiration material. I think there’s a lot of value in the onboarding experience, that is to say a customer’s first […]

Interfaces in need

Published 3 years 11 months ago on June 27, 2014

I think one of my favorite aspects of client work is being exposed to solutions that otherwise wouldn’t be on my plate. Working with clients from many different industries presents us the opportunity to improve an area that (likely) desperately needs it. There is so much talent being dedicated to the latest social-focused-ultra-modern UI in […]

Aerotwist – Better password form fields

Published 4 years 1 month ago on May 1, 2014

Heartbleed (hopefully) had us all changing our passwords. A lot of passwords. It was a grim reminder of just how terrible so many password policies are, but that’s beside the point. This is great: It was so frustrating to have 1Password generate a password for me only to find out that the established password policy […]

Usability in Icons | Stiern

Published 4 years 2 months ago on March 24, 2014

Icons have always fascinated me. I think they fascinate everyone to be honest. When used well, an icon (and only an icon) can effectively replace a label, which inherently de-clutters what you’re looking at, all the while giving you an aesthetically pleasing alternative. It’s funny, some icons we see very consistently in 2014 have been […]

Designing Healthcare Websites for Seniors

Published 4 years 2 months ago on March 24, 2014

This is an interesting piece that deals with a very specific demographic, but in all reality the advice can be extrapolated to any potential audience member. Design is ever changing. Take a look at the trends of today compared even to three years ago; it’s a different world. We don’t need to wax poetic about […]

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