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MyLocalDev Part 2: MEMP and Valet

Published 8 months ago on September 28, 2017

Every local development environment is based on a stack of some sort. My goal here was to remove as many barriers to development as possible, and for me that aligns with installing everything locally. Local for me equates to OS X, so everything in this series is based on that setup. Install Homebrew Homebrew on […]

PhpStorm, Xdebug, Vagrant, PuPHPet, and You

Published 3 years 4 months ago on February 2, 2015

I’ve really embraced fully utilizing Vagrant for all of my local development. I don’t use it to replicate client environments, or share a Vagrant box amongst my development team (I work solo) but I find myself aligning with the idea of having this sandbox to work in. Prior to that I used MAMP Pro and […]

Write your own code profiler in PHP

Published 3 years 9 months ago on August 11, 2014

I’ve made it a focus of mine over the next few months to tighten my belt on tests and profiling, specifically with my WordPress projects. I’ve been doing a lot of tinkering with Vagrant, VVV, Xdebug, and xhprof with the specific intent of easily profiling my code. I was quick to discover that while these […]


Published 4 years 5 months ago on January 3, 2014

While everyone is spending time reflecting on 2013 with heartfelt goals for next year, I’ve been spending time reflecting on my toolset. Again. I’ve been a big fan of PhpStorm for the past year or so, but I couldn’t help myself from revisiting the last editor I used: Sublime Text 3. What prompted this? I […]

PHP Roadmap & Performance Comparison – A Small Orange

Published 4 years 9 months ago on August 29, 2013

Most of us (e.g. Monday By Noon readers) are still slinging PHP so I’m hoping the bulk of you find this as interesting as I do. I’ve been a customer at A Small Orange for a while now, but that’s not the reason I’m linking here, I just love that they’re doing their part in […]

php.internals: We Need A Vision

Published 5 years 4 months ago on January 9, 2013

This is an interesting piece I saw linked to numerous times and I think it's got legs. PHP is often a hot topic with opinions the run the entire spectrum of hatred to love. Personally I really enjoy working with PHP for a number of reasons, and I'm trying to teach myself as much as […]

Change: A Two Faced Devil

Published 5 years 6 months ago on November 20, 2012

ircmaxell’s blog: Change: A Two Faced Devil. There’s a lot of interesting content in this article. It goes into a number of great specifics to illustrate the problem at hand and various ways projects work to avoid or deal with it. My personal experience is mostly with client work that doesn’t usually fall victim to […]

PHP Annotations Are a Horrible Idea

Published 5 years 7 months ago on October 17, 2012

PHP Annotations Are a Horrible Idea | The Unraveler. I came along this technique when I built my first WordPress plugin. I couldn’t believe that a comment line would actually trigger a result in WordPress itself. I always get looked at in a strange way when introducing the concept to seasoned programmers wanting to know […]

Problem using JSON to serialize php structures

Published 5 years 7 months ago on October 16, 2012

Problem using JSON to serialize php structures | jondavidjohn.com. I’ve hit this snag a number of times in the past couple years but it never occurred to me to write about it. Thank goodness there are so many smarter people than I. If you write PHP, this is a good tip to keep in mind.

Chrome Web Store – PHP Ninja Manual

Published 5 years 9 months ago on September 4, 2012

Chrome Web Store – PHP Ninja Manual. While I don’t love the name, this is a pretty awesome Chrome Extension that allows you to browse the PHP manual directly within your browser. As per the description: PHP 5.4 documentation in a popup 5/5 Ninjas Recommend! PHP 5.4 documentation in 8 languages always available right in […]

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