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The damage of examples

Published 2 years 11 months ago on July 15, 2015

This is a fantastic reminder for us, as we all love checking out code demos don’t we? And this is inevitably damaging. These examples can be horrible in many ways – reliability, portability, security – and accessibility. It raises a question of laziness, something for which I am a repeat offender. Code examples are how […]

Flip the Script!

Published 3 years 2 weeks ago on June 2, 2015

How frustrating can it be to try and debug minified code? How much harder is it to try and debug someone else’s minified code that you have absolutely no control over? Flip the Script is a Chrome extension that does something amazing by adding a new tab to the Web Inspector: The extension lists all […]

Restricting Access to Custom Post Types Using Roles in WordPress

Published 3 years 1 month ago on May 1, 2015

Restricting access within the WordPress admin can quickly become an intimidating place to work. When it comes to access control there are a number of really great solutions to restrict access to content on the front end, but there’s a decent learning curve when preventing logged in users from accessing various aspects of the back […]

The WordPress Plugin Boilerplate 3.0.0

Published 3 years 9 months ago on September 2, 2014

I really like code boilerplates. They’re such a great way to show up-and-coming developers one of many ways to accomplish something. They can also teach veteran developers a thing or two. They usually embrace the codebase for which they were written, and follow established conventions of the project. I also like Tom McFarlin. If you […]

WordPress Support in PhpStorm 8

Published 3 years 9 months ago on August 26, 2014

I’ve been using PhpStorm for a couple years now, and in version 8 (due in Q3 2014) has the best WordPress integration I’ve ever seen in an IDE. #smitten

Write your own code profiler in PHP

Published 3 years 10 months ago on August 11, 2014

I’ve made it a focus of mine over the next few months to tighten my belt on tests and profiling, specifically with my WordPress projects. I’ve been doing a lot of tinkering with Vagrant, VVV, Xdebug, and xhprof with the specific intent of easily profiling my code. I was quick to discover that while these […]

Programming Sucks

Published 4 years 1 month ago on May 1, 2014

This article has rightfully been making the rounds for the past few days, but I want to call out the reality of it. Yes it’s mostly hyperbolic but it’s awesome. Have you ever sat back for a minute to think about what you’re doing? Typing these words in specific ways that eventually translate into other […]

A Strategy for Organizing WordPress Theme Functions

Published 4 years 1 month ago on May 1, 2014

I’ve adopted a similar strategy to Tom. I use functions.php as a bootloader of sorts for all of my theme-specific dependencies. Breaking out things like Custom Post Type/Taxonomy registration from other logic like Walkers has proven to be extremely helpful both when initially building & revisiting projects down the line.

WordPress Code Reference

Published 4 years 1 month ago on April 28, 2014

DocBlocks got a lot of love recently in WordPress which is awesome for developers. In fact it’s beyond awesome. It opens the doors for so many awesome implementations of that data set, things like the newly offered WordPress.org Code Reference. This information is insanely useful to anyone writing any bit of code for WordPress. We […]


Published 4 years 5 months ago on January 3, 2014

While everyone is spending time reflecting on 2013 with heartfelt goals for next year, I’ve been spending time reflecting on my toolset. Again. I’ve been a big fan of PhpStorm for the past year or so, but I couldn’t help myself from revisiting the last editor I used: Sublime Text 3. What prompted this? I […]

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